Day 0: Brooklyn, New York

Have bags. Will travel.

Today we left Manhattan for the last time (for a while at least). But we did it in style; via the Brooklyn Bridge, looking back at the downtown skyline on a beautiful spring day.

On Friday we had the movers pack and ship our stuff going to Australia, and our final pieces of furniture were sold and removed yesterday. So today we are packed (into 2 wheelies, 2 daypacks and a laptop bag - I’m very proud of us - totally manageable) and ready to go!

After fare welling my (Jeni’s) friends at the coffee shop (9th Street Coffee is the best in Manhattan), we spent our last day in New York in the great company of friends. Brunch at Pacifico (great Mexican) and then a BBQ at Michael’s place, new garden, Lu Lu and all! It was the perfect bitter sweet ending of our treasured time in New York.

Jeni fare wells 9th St coffee
Jeni fare wells 9th St coffee.

Great friends.

Bye New York! We will miss you!