Day 15: Taos & Santa Fe, New Mexico

Local “new mexican” cuisine

We entered Taos late in the day, and had a late lunch of tacos at a 100 year old hotel. It was in the old part of town which was cool and all the building are made of adobe mud and blend in with the surrounding hills. Further down the road though it turns into the typical suburban 6 lane highway strip with chain fast food and WalMart type businesses. After lunch we went to visit the Earthship - an eco-friendly dwelling made from trash such as tyres and bottles - but found it was closed. We got a photo anyway.


And we stumbled across this cool huge gorge the road went over on the way into town.


We then continued onto Santa Fe where we found a great restaurant offering 101 margaritas—heaven for Phil—and traditional new mexican food (as in New Mexico, the state we are in). I had the local speciality, Chille Rellanos (deep fried battered poblano chillis—big ones about 5’ long—stuffed with cheese) which was really YUM!

But Santa Fe was a little more touristy than we expected so we continued on.