Day 17: Grand Canyon, Arizona

The US National Parks system

Some thoughts and observations:
  1. The print design system (for brochures, maps and newspapers) is consistent across all parks and is actually really well designed. We are impressed.
  2. With the exception of Grand Canyon, parks staff have been helpful and friendly (more on that later)
  3. All the campsite bathrooms have been clean and not gross.
  4. Each campsite comes with a picnic table and fire grate - very sophisticated.
  5. The number of obnoxious campsite neighbors: only 1
  6. The Annual National Parks pass at $50 is an absolute steal, we’ve saved well over $100 so far

Only the Grand Canyon National Park dissapointed us. First, the guy at the entrance gate was obnoxious, telling us “it’s only the most visited national park in the world” to our question of “Do you know if the campgrounds are full?” Of course it wasn’t even 50% full so we were off to a bad start. Then we decided to walk from our campsite to the visitor center - not possible. This place is designed for tourist busses and not people on foot. And last but not at all least - the road layout/design and signage system sucked ass! Liz - they need you - go fix it it!

Anyway, besides the park management being crap - the actual canyon was not too bad :-)