Days 28-30: Annapolis, Maryland


After a hellacious red-eye flight from LA to DC, we rented our car and drove to Maryland to see my folks. We rolled in at 8am—beating DC rush hour in the process.

What followed was a few days of rest and relaxation, with friends and family. Day one included trips to two, count them two, shopping malls. I hung out in both when I was too young to drive and though they’ve both changed quite a bit, they were close enough. Annapolis is a trendy town on the bay, with a marina and some good eating and shopping.

For dinner, my parents, Jeni, and I went to Lewnes, in Annapolis, for some absolutely excellent steaks. I lived in Maryland for years and I never knew about this place, an legit steakhouse in Annapolis. I had a great Porterhouse, along with creamed spinach, asparagus, hash browns, and beefsteak tomatoes. Fantastic.

Jeni and I then caught up with Matt Loggans, my best friend from High School, and his girlfriend for a beer or three at Ram’s Head Tavern. This is a pub in downtown Annapolis which is cool spot that opened after I moved away. It serves a fine Guinness and even has outdoor seating. It was a great few hours—too few, of course.

The next day we went to Jenelle and Tom’s place (my aunt and uncle) to have another excellent dinner. Jeri (another aunt) joined us, along with Judy, one of Jenelle’s great friends that I had not seen in years. It was a great mini-family get together, and other than the mosquito bites was wonderful.

The next day, Jeni, my parents, and I had lunch at IHOP (that’s for you, Ntina) and then we were off to the airport.