Day 9: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Hello Mr. Bear!

In the morning as we were leaving the cabin and packing the car, we were lucky enough to see the biggest and best wildlife sighting of all, which was of course Mr BEAR! He decided to walk onto the road about 100 ft away from us, where Phil was quick enough to spot him. He then proceeded to head towards us. At about 60ft we decided it was time to get into the car - quick! He walked right past the car without even acknowledging us - how rude - I mean really! But that’s ok, because we got a photo of his behind from the car.



We seemed to be quite fortunate in all our wildlife sightings at Yellowstone. Our drive through the park and our trips to see the hot springs allowed us views of Mule Dear (funny looking deer with more hair around their bellies), and Bison which are HUGE but sorta cute. Mr Bison chewing grass (7Mb video)


Another cool sighting was a coyote near our cabin (see below) just as it started to snow.